Inaugural Retail Tradeshow – Calgary November 22nd

You are invited to the inaugural Lift & Co. Cannabis Retail Tradeshow in Calgary on November 22nd

Presented by Lift & Co. in collaboration with the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3) and the Alberta Cannabis Collective (ABCC)

The Lift & Co. Cannabis Retail Tradeshow is a unique, invitation-only event that brings together the governing bodies, industry players, producers and retailers to collaborate, learn and connect. This one-day tradeshow will showcase the offerings of licensed producers, suppliers and retailers with a view of educating attendees and empowering them with the information they need to help consumers make informed decisions on the products and their use.

With limited communication options available to brands, cannabis retail will play a pivotal role in connecting brands and their stories with consumers.

Retail Tradeshow Tickets

– $100.00 for C3 & ABCC members

– $125.00 (non-members)

Show Hours & Location:

  • Thursday, November 22, 2018
  • 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • BMO Centre – Calgary Stampede Park – Hall D

Benefits of Attending:

* Learn about the various products – understand what products will be available to purchase through the AGLC, what makes each product unique, and their brand stories.

* Understand LP differentiators – start a deep-rooted relationship with LPs by learning about their long-term plans, growing practices, and retail support-specific strategy.

* Determine brand alignment between products and target customers – develop an understanding of LPs’ retail brands’ target customer to align with the Retailer’s operating model and customer demographic.

* Provide feedback on what customers are asking for – opportunity for Retailers to provide in-person feedback (product reviews, product performance, gaps in the market) to LPs, to help educate suppliers on what the market is demanding.