The AGLC Issues 10 New Retail Licenses Amidst the Cannabis License Moratorium

Calgary, Alta (January 27, 2019): Friday afternoon, the AGLC announced the issuing of 10 new cannabis retail licenses in Alberta thanks to an increased supply of product from licensed producers. Although the supply increase is modest, the AGLC is confident that the additional inventory can support the additional 10 licensed stores.

“We are very pleased to hear this news, as this comes significantly sooner than the original communication of 12-18 months,” says Khalid Abdul Razak, the Alberta Cannabis Collective’s (ABCC) Chair. “This is an indication of the AGLC’s continued commitment to maintaining Alberta’s leadership in this space.”

“Seeing this new wave of cannabis retailers should provide a degree of comfort to those who are still in the queue that the supply challenges are being worked on and that the regulator is being flexible and dynamic with its frameworks and policies,” says Mr. Abdul Razak.

The 10 new licenses will be awarded to approved applicants who have met all licensing conditions after the decision was made to stop issuing licenses. The AGLC has also indicated that they are in active discussions with 12 additional licensed producers with an intent to secure even greater supply for Alberta retailers.